Thursday, January 21, 2010

3 Year (dating) Anniversary!

Recently, me and my boyfriend Scott celebrated our three year anniversary! We went to dinner at the old mining co and of course their was steaks and prime rib but we both got a burger and fries! typical of us! Afterwards, we treated ourselves to a huge red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting! It was delicious and ended off a great dinner!

In October 2006 my best friend Haley went on a blind date with tim, scotts younger brother. The next day after the date, we sat in her car being girls, and going over all the details of her blind date. All of the sudden, she exclaims "there he is" and tim was outside of the church building with his family, which was weird because they live almost a half hour away. Tim and his brother come to the car where me and Haley were and introduced themselves to me and explained they were there for their nephews baby blessing! We left and i didnt think much more of it. A day or two later Scott wrote Haley on myspace and asked for my number. He texted me and later that night we talked on the phone. We hit it off so great and talked all the way into the wee hours of the morning! We planned to hang out the next day! The next day it was awkward and he was way too into me and i didnt think we had as much in common as i had thought before. I told him the next day it wasnt going to work out. Haley and his brother tim continued dating and since haley was my best friend and tim was his brother we ended up seeing eachother again. This time was different though! Scott showed absolutely no interest in me! I tried talking to him and he acted nonchalant and not interested. This was not acceptable for me.... How could the tables be turned. I took this as a challenge. I began texting him and we set up another date. From there, things took its natural course and i was a 16 year old head over heels in love! On January 16th, 2007, he blindfolded me, walked me out to his car, and started driving. He took off my blindfold and there was my friend and his brother tim holding up a huge sign across a bridge asking me out! I said yes and 3 years later i am almost 20 and still head over heels in love with that same boy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life thus far

So i decided to make a blog so everyone can keep up with my life because as most of you know things are constantly changing at my age!... especially in this time of my life! I'll start with a brief overview of the last two years. Ten days after graduating high school, I moved from my parents home in california to St. George, UT to attend Paul Mitchell The School (hair school).It was really hard at first being away from my friends, family and my familiar environment but i absolutely loved living on my own and i lucked out having awesome room mates! Having my sister and brother who live up here also (who are married with children) was nice too. Whenever i was hungry or bored i knew i was always welcome over there! My parents gave me money each month so i didnt have to go to work while i was going to school tuesday thru saturday from 9:30 to 5. It taught me to budget my money and i realized when the money was gone.... it was gone! it was such a growing experience for me to have to restrict myself to go to bed at a decent time so i could get up the next day on time for school, i had to grocery shop, pay utility bills, and do everything on my own! I graduated hair school in October 2009! I moved home and am currently trying to find a job in a salon but until then i am working as a receptionist for my brothers carpet cleaning company! ...So if any of you know of any salons hiring or you need your hair done, let me know :)